EdSurge and the Hour of Code

Ucodemy is going to be at EdSurge this Saturday, December 3rd for the Tech for Schools Summit – Educator Day. Perhaps we will see you there?

EdSurge has been a great service for all of us at Ucodemy to find great resources. From their articles, webinars and even podcasts they are continually providing information that we have been able to apply in how we work the spectrum of Districts, Schools, Teachers and Students in our programs.

The summit this Saturday couldn’t really come at a better time for us here at Ucodemy in Seattle. It’s right at the start of CSEdWeek, which provides us the perfect opportunity to connect with any educators that may have questions about an Hour of Code and how to easily run one with their classroom the following week.

What exactly is the Hour of Code? It’s a global movement that originated right here in Seattle from code.org, reaching tens of millions of students worldwide in over 180 countries. Students select an activity and are carefully led through the process making sure the teachers do not require any previous computer science experience.

We’ve helped classrooms before with this such as Riverview Elementary locally, but this year we are headed to Detroit, MI to Clintondale Community Schools. The Superintendent, Greg Green, has partnered with Ucodemy to organize the Hour of Code there for all of the Clintondale Middle School students! Learn more about the benefits of bringing coding and technology into the classroom from the 9 Amazing Benefits of Technology.

The Tech for School Summit Educator Day is focused on teachers, although there will be some administrators there as well. Teachers will have the opportunity of browsing booths and selecting from a short list of companies for follow-up deep dive sessions of 20 minutes with their selections. It’ll be our first time working with this type of format so it should be interesting to see how this compares with the usual longer browsing sessions typically found at most conferences. The display booths are kept less “salesy”, by a strict, “no swag” policy. This means that Teachers can browse without being distracted by all the takings that we often see at conferences.

For the Hour of Code, at Ucodemy, we have created six separate Hour of Code activities for this year. You can access and try any of the following activities from our site at http://hoc.ucodemy.com powered by EDUonGo (or click the image below). Students can also select from many other code.org activities listed at http://code.org/learn


We are planning to showcase one of our activities inside ITCH at the conference for Augmented Reality so if you are there, stop by and try it out, of if you have chrome or Firefox and a webcam you can try it out here right now!


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