Success Found in Community Justice Through e-Learning

A few weeks after I joined EDUonGo, I started to engage and follow up with our existing customers and partners in their progress of using our cloud based e-learning platform.  

Besides my never ending interest in talking to customers and learning their requirement through their stories, I always find some of them are very inspiring.  

I really like to highlight what our partner, Itch at Ucodemy is doing with Londer Learning Center at Multnomah County in Oregon. Londer Learning Center (LLC) is part of thenew Change Center at the Multnomah County’s Department of Community Justice.  It is the only adult education program in Oregon working exclusively with adults in transition from jail, prison and treatment programs. They also develop learning strategies and thinking skills to overcome life challenges.

When Jason Rukman from Ucodemy told me that a community justice program was using Itch to teach coding, I was quite shocked!  Without getting into too much detail, I found it was quite amazing to hear  that citizens returning from paying their debt to society are learning how to code.  For EDUonGo, I thought I am very passionate about “connecting people for learning opportunities” and we want to focus in education and corporate training besides the individual professional.  

When it comes to education, we only think about school or higher education.  I was so impressed to hear that prisoners are learning how to code.  What a great way to give back to the society and help the prisoners to stay competitive with education in coding! 

Finally, I phoned Stephanie Anderson, Lead Instructor at Londer Learning Center couple days later for a chat about their progress in our coding program.  Stephanie gave us great feedback that she really liked the courses from Itch and the best part was the students really enjoyed taking the courses. 

“Our surveys show the students want to learn more computer skills!” says Stephanie.  The students are on parole or probation while LLC is helping them gain the practical training and skills that  are required to compete  in today’s harsh job market.  

“Because family-supporting jobs require skills beyond a GED, all our students engage in “start your future” planning for transition to employment or community college vocational programs” quote from Carole Scholl.

It is so wonderful to hear such story from  Londer Learning Center and our partner at Ucodemy.  This is truly our mission at EDUonGo to “connect people from learning opportunity” where Sky is always the limit for learning.

EDUonGo is a Cloud based and turn-key solution for online learning academy or corporate training where you can create courses and monitor student’s learning progress.  It provides a safe and secure environment where student can take the courses through the contained web environment.  Along with partners from, Itch from Ucodemy, and, we strive to be a solution provider for anyone’s learning platform with rich contents for learning.

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