Teachers collaborate at local Computer Science Meetup

IMG_2276Ucodemy was invited to present at our local school district to represent the Industry trends and requirements for Computer Science.

We had around 25 teachers from several districts that made it out for the evening, that included dinner and light conversation to kick things off.

We presented several changes that we’ve seen from the Computer Science industry regarding trends in recruiting.

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 11.56.51 AMOne of the most interesting responses was around the use of building your “social influence” on the following powerpoint slide:

Schools typically stay away from social networking for the obvious reasons surrounding privacy and student confidentiality.  However, it was an interesting topic of conversation since a lot of businesses value employees technical social influence during the hiring process as it can bring a company a lot of business to have “mavens” in their field.

We also had a chance to meet with Phil and learn about his efforts for Elementary level at St. Thomas school in Medina, WA.  Phil has done some great work putting together a variety of curriculum for 1st through 7th grades and went over a lot of detail around various streams that build over the years.  Phil has most of his resources posted here so check it out!

We need more meetings like this in our school district to expand the opportunities for Computer Science in the classroom.  Thanks to the local administrators for putting this on and supporting more Computer Science for our students!


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