Itch gets a workout

Itch YMCA class

Today Ucodemy ran a class for our local YMCA using Itch!  We had 23 students from 6th to 8th grade in the class and it was one of our first trials with a full class all using Itch at the same time.

The Everett Community College had an awesome setup.  The Tech assistant had all the laptops up and ready to go for the class in no time.  We had six students that didn’t bring headphones so the YMCA leader, Morgan, had to run and grab some.  Luckily the YMCA is right across the street from the Everett Community College.. YAY!  It came down to the wire and even my own set of headphones were put to use.

The class was heads-down and worked through our bouncing ball and breakout course.  There were a ton of awesome projects that were created and we shared the bouncing ball sessions before the first hour and other course projects on the second hour.  The kids love sharing! It really kept them engaged and helped break up the time between activities and review.

We had everything from bouncing bananas to rainbow trails and bouncing heads (even the YMCA instructor got in on the action!)

One thing plan to do next class is to set aside time for the students to review and comment on each others projects.  I think up to 10 minutes to see ideas from each other would be perfect.  We’ve also added a teacher view of all student projects to our backlog.  With so many projects created by students sometimes it’s a little hard to find a student project.

Now that we can see how well Itch works for a class we are working on creating more fun activities to try!  Coming up next will be an open course project where the students will work through activities and ideas for creating their very own concepts and designs and bring them to life!

I’ll leave with a few of the survey comments from students:

  • I found that it was easier than I thought
  • you can do a lot of stuff on the coding program
  • What can we improve? – nothing, it was all great!
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