Earsketch and Minecraft at YMCA

This last Friday’s session at the YMCA most of the students worked on Earsketch.  I had my business partner Steven with me so we were able to run Earsketch in parallel with a couple of students trying out some of our early access to  Minecraft/Scriptcraft modding with Javascript.  We are just getting this course off the ground and still have a few glitches to work out on the server but the kids are all excited and eager to get going with more minecraft coding!  There’s so much we’ll be able to do and create here.

The kids were pretty keen to work on Earsketch as well; here’s the results of one students work.  I always make a point to encourage kids to demo their projects and at the Y we get to use the main screen!  Here’s a sample:

I’m getting more excited about the opportunity for the YMCA program to get the kids out in my local community that are interested in coding a place they can learn more and develop their skills.  We have a few things we’ll be working on together with the staff to keep improving the kids experience with the various coding activities from Ucodemy. With so much technology that the kids deal with on an everyday basis they don’t have any patience for something that doesn’t work so I’ve learnt to make sure that everything is ready to go without glitches for them to really enjoy it.

Demoing on the big screen and speakers for some fun sound (watch the video above to hear what it’s like!)



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