Clintondale Starts Coding

hangout_snapshot_0 (1)Ucodemy has started a coding program with Clintondale school district.  Clintondale is at the forefront of implementing new pedagogy techniques in the school.  They are pioneers of the “flipped classroom” and have had worldwide recognition as a leader for this.  It was with pleasure that we have been enlisted to provide Clintondale’s newest endeavor into the arena of Computer Science.

I paid a visit to the school in Detroit for a few days and met with the Principle, Greg Green, Administrators and Teaching faculty that will be providing the coding classes over the next several weeks.

Clintondale is far from the tech centers of Seattle or Silicon Valley that I’ve become accustomed to so it was great to get a more rounded perspective and see some more of the diversity of US schools.  But as Greg Green pointed out; a recent initiative to invest $100M by JPMorgans CEO, Jamie Dimon into revitalizing small business for the city, Detroit is poised for growth.  He sees companies starting up here more and more and what better way to support this then by having the kids coming out of his schools ready to fuel this growth.  IMG_0352It seems like our greatest challenge for the program will be providing enough information to the students and parents about the opportunities the kids have for a programming career.

Programming is one of the few industries that can truly be provided entirely remote from an office.  As Detroit has seen a lot of manufacturing jobs disappear over the last couple of decades, programming is really a great opportunity for new growth in jobs for the area.

Early feedback is showing that around 95% of the students are enthused and looking to learn even more programming (and this is from a class that didn’t even specifically enroll directly for the Computer Science curriculum).  This is truly a testament to how engaging the Ucodemy courses are across a broad spectrum of abilities and interests.

It has helped that the principle and IT staff were incredibly accommodating getting everything up and running.  We are continuing to improve the program and the delivery but I feel that with the enthusiasm of the Clintondale administration we’ll be looking forward to some exciting opportunities and growth from the students there.



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